Bankruptcy index 1888-1929

First NameSurnameOccupationPlaceDate of SequestrationOfficial AssigneeFile NoRemarksCitation
-HESEKENote : Indexed under MesckeDetails
-GOO TUCKIndexed under Tuck GooDetails
BrosGANGTONGSee Soo Yang Tong Index SDetails
-YUR KIVOVITCHSee under Kivovitch Index KDetails
Arthur EskPEARSENOTE : Already indexed under PearceDetails
Albert Richard DePLEVITZSee index D De PlevitzDetails
BillyardLEAKENOTE : See under Billyard Index BDetails
-SMITH30/07/191419999See under Emcken Index EDetails
A LTOZZIHairdresserNote see under Lodi Index LDetails
-GIN TINSee SUN KWONG CHOONG & Co index SDetails

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Bankruptcy is a state in which a person is unable to pay creditors and is required to undergo a legal process that usually results in liquidation of his/her estate in order to meet expenses (at least in part). If a person is declared to be a bankrupt then he/she cannot operate a business for profit, enter a business contract or borrow money. It is similar, but not identical to insolvency.

digitised page from a bankruptcy file

Bankruptcy: what the files can tell you

Bankruptcy files contain lists of creditors that the bankrupt person owed money to and debtors that owed money to the bankrupt person