NameSurnameInquest dateInquest NoCitation
Allan JosephANDERSON28/02/1944-28/02/1944295NRS 345 [19/3711]Details
Ivan BaskervilleALLISON4/04/1962-4/04/1962768NRS 345 [13/8733]Details
Gordon MilesARCHIBALD10/12/1943-10/12/19431639NRS 345 [19/3707]Details
Frederick JeromeANDERSON6/06/1953-6/06/1953998NRS 345 [13/8240]Details
Stanley WilliamADAMS28/02/1955-28/02/1955465NRS 345 [13/8322]Details
JackALLANSON27/09/1956-27/09/19562092NRS 345 [13/8395]Details
JamesAINSWORTH19/07/1960-19/07/19601400NRS 345 [13/8621]Details
RudolfANDERSON17/02/1960-17/02/1960322NRS 345 [13/8598]Details
Stanley JohnALLSOPP16/09/1957-16/09/19571895NRS 345 [13/8449]Details
Arthur GeorgeADAMS11/07/1944-11/07/1944895NRS 345 [19/3717]Details

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Inquests & coronial records guide

Inquests are conducted by coroners and are held to investigate the manner and cause of a death or a fire. Not all deaths resulted in an inquest