NameSurnameInquest dateInquest NoCitation
Eric ThomasBLACKETT13/12/1946-13/12/19461710NRS 345 [19/3759]Details
Michael RodneyBLANCHARD13/04/1949-13/04/1949533NRS 345 [19/3805]Details
Michael HenryBOURNE28/03/1946-28/03/1946485NRS 345 [19/3746]Details
Donald JamesBEVERIDGE4/01/1951-4/01/195164NRS 345 [13/8141]Details
AlajosBOUCEK20/02/1952-20/02/1952356NRS 345 [13/8185]Details
Lorna HazelBIGG15/01/1960-15/01/1960115NRS 345 [13/8594]Details
William FrederickBINGHAM30/04/1951-30/04/1951754NRS 345 [13/8150]Details
Laura MaryBLACKMORE24/01/1949-24/01/1949131NRS 345 [19/3801]Details
Lyall MaxwellBLAYDEN19/04/1950-19/04/1950598NRS 345 [13/8114]Details
Douglas BruceBIRNIE14/11/1960-14/11/19602056NRS 345 [13/8635]Details

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Inquests & coronial records guide

Inquests are conducted by coroners and are held to investigate the manner and cause of a death or a fire. Not all deaths resulted in an inquest