Colonial Secretary Letters Received, 1826-1894

Subject: Parliamentary Debates IndexPrinted Index to Parliamentary Debates 1879-80[1/2477] Letter no 80/189701/01/1880Details
J BDuffIndexing clerk[4/522] Letter no 64/206001/01/1864Details
Subject: Public Free LibraryIndex of Books received at Free Public Library[5/6158] Letter no 93/1494301/01/1893Details
JnoWisewoodNithsdale[4/2109] Letter no 31/452401/01/1831Details
JamesSuttonDied Asylum Newcastle; age 24[1/2292] Letter no 75/334401/01/1875Details
EmileEsnayDied Sydney Infirmary; age 30[1/2193] Letter no 72/974701/01/1872Details
JohnLorne [Lowe]Died Asylum Newcastle; age 31[1/2304] Letter no 75/714101/01/1875Details
RosannaClancyFemale Factory[4/2649.2] Letter no 39/318401/01/1839Details
PatrickScanlanMedina[4/2307.3] Letter no 35/616501/01/1835Details
PatrickScannellMedina[4/2307.3] Letter no 35/616501/01/1835Details

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This index was compiled by Joan Reese, Linda Bowman and Aileen Trinder.

The index is published on the Museums of History NSW website with the permission of Mrs Bowman, who retains the copyright.

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