Colonial Secretary Letters Received, 1826-1896

Subject: Parliamentary Debates IndexPrinted Index to Parliamentary Debates 1879-80[1/2477] Letter no 80/189701/01/1880Details
J BDuffIndexing clerk[4/522] Letter no 64/206001/01/1864Details
Subject: Public Free LibraryIndex of Books received at Free Public Library[5/6158] Letter no 93/1494301/01/1893Details
HenryBonnardSt Marys; re chronological compendium or index[5/6319] Letter no 96/462201/01/1896Details
JnoWisewoodNithsdale[4/2109] Letter no 31/452401/01/1831Details
JamesSuttonDied Asylum Newcastle; age 24[1/2292] Letter no 75/334401/01/1875Details
JosephGabrielAbbotsford; requested permission to collect nature history specimens[5/6283] Letter no 95/1379401/01/1895Details
EmileEsnayDied Sydney Infirmary; age 30[1/2193] Letter no 72/974701/01/1872Details
JohnLorne [Lowe]Died Asylum Newcastle; age 31[1/2304] Letter no 75/714101/01/1875Details
RosannaClancyFemale Factory[4/2649.2] Letter no 39/318401/01/1839Details

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This index was compiled by Joan Reese, Linda Bowman and Aileen Trinder. It was first published as the NSW Colonial Secretary's In Letters Index, 1826-1896, based on Joan Reese's Convicts and Others Index, 1826-1894.