Public servants guide

Covering records from 1814 to c. 1964

Important: In addition to the records listed below, each department usually maintained records of its own personnel.

Auditor General

NRS 388 Record of appointment to Government Offices 

(Reel 1476; Fiche 755-756) *ARK

This volume consists of letters and general orders authorising appointments to Government positions.

An alphabetical index to names of appointees, which records the title of the appointment and the relevant page reference, is filmed on Fiche 755.

Item list

Reel 1476; Fiche 755
Jan 1814-Nov 1820
Reel 1476; Fiche 755
Dec 1820-Jan 1825
Reel 1476; Fiche 756

Colonial Secretary

NRS 1286 Returns of the Colony, 'Blue Books', 1822-1857

[4/251-90]; Reels 1-22, Fiche 438-613 *ARK (Fiche). Photocopies in the Mitchell Library

These invaluable volumes record the progress of the Colony from 1822-57, and include amongst a wealth of statistical information, material of genealogical value:

  • Annual lists of officers employed by Government, including an alphabetical index, showing name, position, date of appointment, and salary; and
  • Lists of persons receiving land grants (or who purchased Crown Land), showing name, location and area of holding, and price.

NRS 1286 Public service lists, 1858-1870 

(Fiche 807-81); Printed books *ARK (Fiche)

This series is a continuation of the relevant part of the previous series.

From 1858 to 1861 the statistical Returns of the Colony (Blue Books), contained a section listing members of the Executive Council, Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly, officers of the Civil Establishments, by department, an Ecclesiastical Return arranged by church; a return of pensions paid, and a list of foreign consuls. This section has been extracted from the Returns of the Colony and filmed in this series under the title Public Service Lists. There is an index to the officers of the Civil Establishments only at the beginning of each year.

From 1862 to 1870 the Public Service Lists were published separately from the statistical Returns of the Colony, with an alphabetical index to contents and an index to officers of the Civil Establishments included in the front of each annual volume.

For these years lists for the following are generally included:

  • Succession of Governors
  • Parliaments (from 1863)
  • Ministries
  • Executive Council
  • Legislative Council
  • Legislative Assembly
  • Civil Establishments
  • Ecclesiastical Establishments
  • Education
  • Pensions
  • Foreign Consuls
  • Returning Officers
  • Guardians of Minors (from 1864).

For public servants, the office, the officer's name, date of appointment, by whom appointed, annual salary, and date of first appointment under the Colonial Government are recorded.

Public Service Board

NRS 12395 Employees' history cards, 1911-1968

NRS 12396 Reference Cards, 1911-c.1964

*ARK signifies that a copy of the record or guide is part of the Archives Resources Kit and is held by the community access points.