NSW cabinet papers

Public release of NSW Cabinet Papers

NSW State Archives and Records has initiated an annual release of NSW Cabinet Papers, held as part of the State Archives Collection, to increase public awareness of important milestones in the history of NSW and the State Government.

Each year, the public release program will highlight the issues in the Cabinet Papers from 30 years ago.

The program provides an opportunity to publicise the value, richness and depth of the NSW Government’s State Archives Collection.


NSW Cabinet is the key decision-making body of the NSW Government. Cabinet papers are significant historical documents as they reflect decisions made at the highest levels of government. Yet they also reveal how the Cabinet has been concerned with issues affecting local communities and individuals.

The NSW Cabinet papers are the primary centrally-maintained set of records documenting Cabinet meetings. They cover the full range of documents associated with the meetings including agenda, minutes of meetings, and Cabinet minutes prepared by government departments and ministerial offices relating to matters to be considered. These are often accompanied by attachments: financial impact statements, draft policies and other appendices. Also included are ministerial submissions concerning draft policies and proposals to be discussed; correspondence, such as that requesting items to be placed on the agenda; and lists of subjects discussed and decisions reached.

Highlights from the cabinet papers 1987-1991

1987 Cabinet papers

The year of new directions

Notable Events 1988 - Cabinet Papers - Luna Park

1988 Cabinet papers

1988 was a big year in NSW politics, with the Coalition ending 12 years of Labor government by winning a landslide election with a swing of 8.3% - the second largest in NSW history

1989 Cabinet papers

As it entered its second year, the Nick Greiner/Wal Murray Liberal/National Coalition Government could look back on a rapid-fire start to the implementation of its program

1990 Cabinet papers

The Liberal-National Party Coalition Government under Nick Greiner proceeded with its wide-ranging program of transformation in 1990

1991 Cabinet Papers - Notable decisions

1991 Cabinet papers

For the voters in New South Wales 1991 was an election year. The Liberal-National Party was seeking a second term in office and its narrow win led to a minority government

Access to the Cabinet papers

NSW Cabinet papers are open to public access after 30 years.