GRR request forms

Request records destruction, records retrieval, storage boxes and transfer records

Records destruction

The GRR offers a variety of destruction services. The GRR's standard confidential destruction service applies to whole boxes of paper records stored in the Repository. This service operates on a set per-box fee and applies only to whole boxes of records, all of which must be covered by current Disposal Authorities issued by NSW State Archives. To take advantage of the GRR's destruction service you must make application on the official form.

Information about our range of other destruction services may be obtained from the Manager, GRR on +61 2 9673 1788 or email your query to

Records retrieval

Clients may request files or boxes via:

Download a (PDF, 583kb) brochure about GRRWeb

The GRR uses secure, unmarked vehicles driven by our own uniformed drivers to deliver requested items to clients.

There are five service levels (priorities) for delivery of records: standard, high, urgent, after hours and regional. We also provide scan-on-demand services.

For information on our charges, please contact the Manager on +61 2 9673 1788 or email


When you request the return of your records you will receive a copy of the workorder along with the items you requested from the GRR.

Storage boxes

The GRR markets custom-designed boxes for the storage of records including files, rolled maps and plans, cards, accounts and forms. Boxes can also be used for storage of books, museum items, stores, stationery, and many other purposes.

Who can purchase storage boxes?

All boxes are available to any purchasers, not only storage clients of the GRR, although minimum sale quantities do apply.


Prices include free delivery in metropolitan area. Orders to regional areas can be processed if a valid transport or freight company and account number is supplied. Orders should be faxed or emailed - no phone requests taken. (Purchase Orders preferred.)

What is the preferred storage method?

Due to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) considerations, the recommended box used for records storage in the GRR is the Type 1 (T1) box. Almost all record formats will fit into a T1 box. Records in containers too large for T1 boxes (such as Lever Arch files) should be removed from those containers, tied with tape, and placed in a T1 box. Very large files or bundles of records should be split into parts, tied with tape and put into T1 boxes.

Transfer records

To aid in the transfer of records to storage in the GRR, and the retrieval of records so stored, the GRR provides this form for listing the contents of boxes of records.

To aid in the transfer of records to storage in the GRR, and the retrieval of records so stored, the GRR provides a form for listing the contents of boxes of records. Instructions for the transfer of records for storage also may be found on this document.

To download the spreadsheet right click on the above link and select 'Save target as' to your computer.

Boxes accepted for storage in the GRR will be transported from clients' premises to the Repository free of charge, using the GRR's own vehicles and drivers (Sydney metropolitan area only).