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Railway employees guide

Employment with the Railways covered a large range of positions including driver, cleaner, engineer, draftsman, inspector, timekeeper, porter and ganger

Railway employment records 1856-1917

The index records the name, position, date of appointment and page number within the register. There are 763 entries

Railway photographs NRS-17420

An introduction to our rich collection of NSW railway photos, including locomotives, carriages, gate houses, railway refreshment rooms, staff and stations

Railway records guide

A brief introduction to the collection and how to access the records

Railway refreshment rooms guide

In New South Wales during the 19th century, passenger traffic was the largest single purpose for train journeys. As the rail system expanded across the State the journeys often involved passengers in several hours travel, making the provision and availability of refreshments an essential part of the trip.

Webinar: Railway records

An introduction to the wide variety of railway records in our collection