‘A Sea of Beige’

Colour in the Australian Home, with Michael Lech

How do we perceive our homes of 19th and early 20th centuries: were they dark, gloomy places, overstuffed with furnishings in a series of muddy colours?

Nothing could be further from the truth! Resources from the Caroline Simpson Library will uncover a ‘riot’ of colour used in Australian homes of the past.

Talks & webinars

A colour chart of ready-mixed paints

Historic colour in the home

The many sources in the Caroline Simpson Library that can bring colour to the homes of past, with Matthew Stephens

Children's nursery

Animals in our Houses

A Parade of Animals in Nurseries, with Michael Lech

Books in Miss Macleay's room, Elizabeth Bay House

Reading the House Library

An exploration of MHNSW’s Rare Book Collections, with Dr Matthew Stephens