Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® bricks

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks was a world premiere exhibition of astonishing LEGO skyscrapers at the Museum of Sydney.

Constructed by Ryan McNaught, one of only 12 LEGO® certified professionals worldwide, this exhibition celebrates tall and extraordinary buildings from Australia and Asia. Some are engineering head-turners while others are technical marvels. 

Some of these eye-popping giants, like the Shanghai Tower, pioneer new ways of living, while others like Singapore's Marina Bay Sands are instant global landmarks. Some are green, others lean. Some are strange and other-worldly, others are breathtakingly beautiful.

With several models standing over 3 metres high, with stunning architectural detail and playful use of colours and textures, each of these LEGO® structures is guaranteed to amaze. They'll also inspire the young and the young-at-heart to create their own ‘towers of tomorrow’.

'Creating platforms' designed into the exhibition will ensure that your creativity is limited only by your imagination...

With over 200,000 loose LEGO® bricks on hand, you’ll have more than enough to build your own towering creation and add it to the colourful futuristic metropolis rising steadily in the heart of the exhibition.

  • 13 December 2014 - 12 July 2015