Sand in the city


There's mountains of sand at the Museum of Sydney, just waiting for you to roll up your sleeves, dig about and create something amazing.

Celebrating Sydney’s beautiful beaches, this fully interactive exhibition features dazzling models of our northern and southern seashores along with a pair of giant digital sandboxes with 'projected' scenery changing as your busy hands shift and sculpt a playful sandy landscape.

When you've had your fill of shaping sandcastles, mermaids and sea monsters, try building a LEGO beach shack or any other funky creature that springs to mind, with moats overflowing with loose bricks and minifigs surrounding a giant LEGO coastline crafted by the 'Brickman' himself, Ryan McNaught.

As you work, watch our special documentary film featuring a sandy line-up of salty-haired Sydneysiders, reflecting on beach life and the many ways we enjoy and experience our city's watery edge.

Living with an ocean at our doorstep, we use the beach in many different ways. From playing, strolling and jogging along it, to tanning, cuddling or snoozing on it. From drawing, dreaming and writing about it, to revegetating and removing plastic from it. We surf, swim, sail and snorkel alongside it, and sometimes we’re simply moved by the mystery and magic of it.

Inspired by the popularity of our recent interactive LEGO exhibitions, Sand in the City combines all the fun and possibilities of scooping, sculpting and shaping sand with Sydney’s insatiable love of the seaside.


Past exhibition

  • 3 December 2016 - 23 July 2017