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Grab your ticket and enter an interactive transport world created in collaboration with illustrator James Gulliver Hancock.

Along the way you'll discover fascinating facts about different modes of transport and types of vehicles. Construct a paper plane to see how it flies, and build a vehicle of the future to test on our track.

Discover how transportation works in busy cities, and how the fuel choices you make can have a positive impact on the environment. You'll learn amazing facts about Australian journeys and inventions, and meet the people behind them.

See how vehicles have evolved over time - and imagine what they might be like in the future!

2020 Winner of Interpretation Australia Award

Perfect for children aged 3 to 8 years.

My son loved making aeroplanes and throwing them.

Ipswich Gallery visitors

The interactives were a hit! my children would have gladly stayed the whole day!

Great educational setup for the children.

Ipswich Gallery visitors

Canberra Museum and Gallery
Canberra Museum and Gallery
  • 28 October 2023 – 28 January 2024

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Now on tour
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