Using sensitive collections for your research

This webinar featured records of children, the aged and infirm in care and how to access them.

Discover the key resources available to you in the collections of the State Library of NSW and the State Archives Collection.

Explore a diverse range of resource types including official State government records, published material and personal manuscript collections.

Learn how you can access and use these resources to enhance your research.

This session, artworks, film and sound clips are protected by copyright and may not be recorded, reproduced or used in any way without the express written consent of the State Library of NSW.

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Children in a playground in the sandpit, on a slippery dip and other equipment

Children in care in the 19th and early 20th centuries

This webinar explores the records of institutions, schools and asylums that housed orphan, destitute and other children placed in the care of the NSW Government

Rookwood Asylum for Infirm and Destitute c1896

Infirm & destitute asylums guide

Information on the available inmate records for the Infirm and Destitute Asylums and where to find them


Child & youth migration in the 20th century

A chronology of child youth and migration from the United Kingdom and an overview of the related records series

Liverpool State Hospital & Home guide

Patient records in our collection for Liverpool Asylum for the Infirm and Destitute (1862-1933) and Liverpool State Hospital and Home (1933-1961)