Transfer is the process that results in records being taken into the custody of Museums of History NSW (MHNSW) to become part of the State Archives Collection.

This process differs from that of legal deposit as it is required under different legislation.

The legal deposit of all publications published in Australia is legislated under the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 in which one copy of all publications is to be given to the National Library of Australia.
The transfer of annual reports to the State Archives Collection is required under the State Records Act 1998.

Under this Act, State Records Authority NSW has developed General Retention and Disposal Authority GA 28 – Administrative records. In this authority annual reports are identified as state archives GA28 class 10.11.1:

Final, approved versions of published and unpublished reports to government relating to the organisation’s core functions and performance, e.g. annual reports or substantial ad hoc reports. Required as State archives

As a result, annual reports must be transferred to MHNSW to be retained in perpetuity.

The following step-by-step procedures will guide you through the transfer process.

Step-by-step guide

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Staff at State Records, Kingswood NSW

Transferring digital records to our custody

Advice and procedures for the transfer of digital-born State archives

Transferring physical records to our custody

Advice and procedures for the transfer of physical State archives