Stories from the Public Service - War Service exhibition

Stories from the Public Service - War Service exhibition

During the First World War, more than 11,000 of the New South Wales Government’s 66,000 employees volunteered for military service. They were police, teachers, nurses, railway and harbour workers, administrators, clerks, printers, draftsmen, and parliamentarians – from all walks of life and from all over NSW. More than ten per cent paid the ultimate sacrifice. One thousand five hundred never came home. For those who survived and returned home, life changed forever.

This short film—Public Service War Service—documents and explores an exhibition (now closed) produced by NSW State Archives to mark the Centenary of Anzac and the hundred year anniversary of the First World War.

From the archives

Behind the Scenes

Online Exhibition

A series of photographs produced by the NSW Government Printing Office during and immediately after the First World War. As government photographers were on the ground shooting the image, they were not only documenting but promoting and shaping how NSW mobilised in support of Australia’s war effort.

Windows into Wartime

Learn from Home

Learn about the various ways you can trace people by first looking at where they were.

Webinar: Tracing people by place

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Australian Railway Supply DetachmentNominal Roll of the First Railway Section (AIF)Railways and Tramways Roll of Honour

Research Guides

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