Australian Railway Supply Detachment 1914

H PREEDPrivateThird Row 1st from left17420Details
EMCDONAlDPrivateThird Row 2nd from left17420Details
E VFENTONPrivateSecond 2nd from left17420Details
S DMARCHANTPrivateFourth Row 7th from left17420Details
V OSAMUElSPrivateSecond 3rd from left17420Details
E GHARDCASTlEPrivateSecond 2nd from right17420Details
FPERKINSPrivateFront Row 2nd from right17420Details
C RMERREllPrivateThird Row 3rd from left17420Details
F GMASTERSPrivateThird Row 4th from left17420Details
R G JNASHPrivateBack Row 6th from right17420Details

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A complete index of a single photo from the State Rail Authority Archives Photographic Reference Print Collection, now in the custody of NSW State Archives. The 65 names have been transcribed from the back of the photograph.

  • Record series in the index: NRS 17420 (Photo No. 1331)
  • Entries in the index: 65