Soldier Settlement purchases index 1905-1937

NameSurnameLand DistrictDate of SelectionSettlement Purchase NoPrevious System No
Gordon MCONDONDubbo12 Dec 19121912.23[3/6549]Details
C JCOOKTamworth7 Jun 19091909.41[3/6552]Details
Agnes ECOOKTamworth13 Jul 19251925.11[3/6563]Details
John PatrickCONDONTamworth11 Jun 19091909.117[10/1156]Details
Harry ArthurCOLWILLTemora17 Nov 19161916.6[3/6553]Details
William CharlesCONDRENInverell11 Oct 19061906.49[3/6550]Details
JamesCOOKDunedoo9 Feb 19241924.1[3/6559]Details
ErnestCOMBERylstone25 Oct 19261926.4[10/1240]Details
EdwardCOOKTamworth17 Jun 19251925.1[10/1158]Details
Thomas PeterCONNOLLYPenrith25 Jun 19241924.21[3/6561]Details

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Settlement Purchase: A Settlement Purchase was the principal tenure under the Closer Settlement Act (Act. No.37 1904). These are similar to the tenure of Conditional Purchase with the payment of a deposit and annual instalments. Many but not all returned soldiers obtained their land using this form of tenure.