Soldier Settlement miscellaneous files index 1916

NameSurnameAddressLand DistrictCertificate NoClass of HoldingDate of DecisionPrevious System No
JohnMAHER327 Church Street Parramatta1916/00020Wheat Farm10 Jul 1916[19/7034]Details
John Leslie BruceFORSTER85 Wilson Street NewtownDubbo or Wellington1916/00021Homestead Farm10 Jul 1916[19/7034]Details
William HenryHEGGARTY"Bute" Adelaide Street WoollahraMetropolitan1916/00024Suburban Holding10 Jul 1916[19/7034]Details
Henry ErnestROBERTS20 Norton Street GlebeMetropolitan1916/00035Suburban Holding10 Jul 1916[19/7034]Details
HaroldHAMBLYBanksia Street BotanyForbes1916/00018Homestead Farm10 Jul 1916[19/7034]Details
Clarence ArthurWOODS"Aberfeldie" Lane Cove Road TurramurraPenrith1916/00010Suburban Holding10 Jul 1916[19/7034]Details
Harry CharlesWOOD"Clovelly" Glen Street Milsons PointMoree or Armidale1916/00062Homestead Farm or Crown Lease17 Jul 1916[19/7034]Details
RobertHOWMANS83 Stanley Street Hyde Park1916/00046Irrigation Farm17 Jul 1916[19/7034]Details
Henry ErnestHARDYClyde Street InverellInverell1916/00065Crown Lease17 Jul 1916[19/7034]Details
Alexander WilliamELLISONSoldiers Settlement BatlowMetropolitan1916/00052Suburban Holding17 Jul 1916[19/7034]Details

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The indexing of two boxes of Qualification Certificates in these miscellaneous files appear to be the only surviving examples of World War 1 Qualification Certificates from New South Wales.