Naturalization index 1834-1903

NameSurnameNative PlaceRegister NoDate of CertificateRemarksItem NoPage NoReel No
Joseph HenryBOWERGermany1021 May 1889-[4/1209]383134Details
ThomasBASHASyria145 Sep 1898-[4/1213]65137Details
John JosephARNOLDGermany315 Aug 1871Certificate re naturalisation supplied 01/14.447[4/1202]120130Details
VictorBOSKERFrance113 Dec 1891-[4/1210]227135Details
Carl Frederick HermanBRODERSONDenmark112 Feb 1893-[4/1210]393135Details
Jens PaulBERGNorway124 Dec 1893-[4/1211]77136Details
NicolasAPOLONECorsica830 Jan 1883-[4/1207]10131Details
Isaac VanderBROCKAmsterdam, Holland321 Feb 1872-[4/1202]124130Details
JohnBOEHNPrussia120 Mar 1851-[4/1200]245128Details
HenrichBROHANGermany135 May 1897-[4/1212]265137Details

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Search for non-British subjects wishing to own land or vote in New South Wales from 1834 to 1903.

Naturalization & citizenship guide

Naturalization records are a good source of information for tracing details of an immigrant's arrival and native place. This guide lists the key records in our collection relating to naturalization, 1834-1903