Naturalization index 1834-1903

NameSurnameNative PlaceRegister NoDate of CertificateRemarksItem NoPage NoReel No
JohnANDERSONSweden1017 Jul 1888-[4/1209]268134Details
MartinBASSLERBavaria318 May 1863-[4/1202]49130Details
GregoryBOHRINGERGermany310 Apr 1865-[4/1202]63130Details
AlexanderANTONIOGreece1020 Feb 1889-[4/1209]324134Details
FrederickBECKGermany1014 Sep 1888-[4/1209]284134Details
JosephBECKERPrussia318 Feb 1863Letter re this naturalisation to OAPB (Old Age Pension Board) Parramatta Letter No 01.17734 [letter not located][4/1202]46130Details
PowellANDREWSDenmark106 Jul 1887-[4/1209]160130Details
PeterANDERSONDenmark1326 May 1898-[4/1212]491137Details
GuiseppeBIAGGINIItaly1019 Nov 1886-[4/1209]74134Details
HenryBAUERGermany328 Feb 1866See also page 73[4/1202]69130Details

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Name search for non-British subjects wishing to own land or vote in New South Wales from 1834 to 1903.