Court of Claims (Land) index 1833-1922

NameSurnameOccupationAddressFirst Possessor of LandCase NoDate of MemorialItem NoReel No
Henry ThompsonBASSShipwrightKent Street Sydney953[X13]Reel 1420Details
WilliamBARNETTStorekeeperGeorge Street SydneyNOBBS, Joseph17222 Mar 1834[X13]Reel 1420Details
James Thomas JohnBEANGentlemanChurch Street ParramattaPORTER, Samuel9619 Feb 1834[X13]Reel 1420Details
Henry ColdenANTHILLEsquireHOVELL, William Holten6985 May 1834[X13]Reel 1420Details
John (Jnr)ATKINSONSettlerWilberforceREIBY, Thomas8465 May 1834[X13]Reel 1420Details
AnnALLANUpper RichmondALLAN, Thomas764 Feb 1834[X13]Reel 1420Details
NicholasASPINALLEsquireElizabeth Street SydneyNot Known6015 May 1834[X13]Reel 1420Details
WilliamBLACKWELL878[X13]Reel 1420Details
GeorgeBOWMANRichmondBUNKER, Ebenezer5926 Feb 1834[X13]Reel 1420Details
John HenryBLACKGentlemanGeorge Street SydneyFOSTER, James4565 May 1834[X13]Reel 1420Details

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This index will be of interest to those researching early or disputed land ownership. It records: date of memorial to the Court of Claims, name of applicant, address, occupation, name of first possessor of land and case number.