Court of Claims (Land) index 1833-1922

NameSurnameOccupationAddressFirst Possessor of LandCase NoDate of MemorialItem NoReel No
StephenCOXENEsquireDartbrook928[X13]Reel 1420Details
WilliamCOXFairfield near WindsorCLARK, Henry5824 Feb 1834[X13]Reel 1420Details
JamesATKINSON (deceased)County of Camden Parish unnamed Sutton Forest near BerrimaATKINSON, James1184 Sep 1837[2/2369]Details
WilliamBLADDYNo 43 Town of Windsor County of Cumberland Parish of St. MathewBLADDY, Thomas12330 Oct 1837[2/2369]Details
ElizabethECKFORDParish of LemingtonWEBB, Richard47<>[2/2369]Details
JamesFOSTERNo 7 of Section 39 Town of Sydney County of Cumberland Parish of St. JamesPITMAN, Timothy Goodwin6012 May 1837[2/2369]Details
Edmond HarrisonCLIFFECounty of Cumberland Parish of Willoughby North off Bradleys HeadGRAHAM, Thomas6230 Mar 1837[2/2369]Details
WilliamBAXTERCounty of Cook Parish unnamed at KurrajongMCMAHON, Michael3016 Jan 1837[2/2369]Details
CarolineSANDYSNo 14 of Section 36 Pitt Street SydneyALLAN, Andrew2816 Jan 1837[2/2369]Details
MarySMITHNo 15 of Section 44 Town of Sydney County of Cumberland Parish of St. JamesREYNOLDS, Mary1084 Sep 1837[2/2369]Details

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This index will be of interest to those researching early or disputed land ownership. It records: date of memorial to the Court of Claims, name of applicant, address, occupation, name of first possessor of land and case number.