Coroners' inquests index 1796-1824

NameSurnamePlaceDateRemarksSeriesItem NoPage NoReel No
MichaelMcALLUMLiverpool 18 January 18231823-1823deceasedNRS 5607[2/8288]pp.7-14Reel 2233Details
DanielMcCOYBond1807-1807witnessNRS 5607[2/8286]p.28Reel 2232Details
MaryMcINARY1824-1824witnessNRS 5607[2/8289]p.119Reel 2233Details
ThomasMCKENNAHouse of Thomas McKenna, Wilberforce13 December 1823-13 December 1823cross refNRS 5607[2/8288]pp.440-4Reel 2233Details
JohnMcCARTYCaddie26 December 1817-26 December 1817deceasedNRS 5607[2/8286]pp.229-234Reel 2232Details
ThomasMcCAFFREY1824-1824witnessNRS 5607[2/8289]p.73Reel 2233Details
ElizabethMCNALLYEdward Fletcher's, District of Minto20 May 1823-20 May 1823deceasedNRS 5607[2/8288]pp.195-202Reel 2233Details
HenryMcCUDDENpre 1821-pre 1821witnessNRS 5607[2/8286]p.27Reel 2232Details
ElizabethMASSEYSydney19 March 1811-19 March 1811deceasedNRS 5607[2/8286]pp.77-92Reel 2232Details
MaryMcDONALDSydney24 December 1821-24 December 1821deceasedNRS 5607[2/8287]pp.114-6Reel 2233Details

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The index records: inquest number, name, date, location and remarks note whether the person identified in the index is the deceased or is appearing as a witness in the inquest for 1796-1824 only.