Gold (auriferous) lease registers 1874-1953

NameSurnamePlaceRegister NoDate of ApplicationDate of PossessionSurveyorRemarksSeriesItem NoReel No
Cobar 761299 March 1896Other names: Pass, W H E; Receipt issued to: Applicant10101[7/3180]0Details
Noorooma 89520421 May 194028 June 1940Other names: Bolton, A L F (Private); Receipt issued to: Lessee10101[7/3227[0Details
Fairfield 44341811 June 1891Other names: Carrall, W10096[7/3136]0Details
Hill End 158139917 September 1912Other names: The Golden Mile Hill End Limited; Receipt issued to: Lessees10101[7/3207]0Details
Nundle 19367514 September 1888Other names: Lockwood, J E10097[7/3141]1541Details
Mount McDolnald 22075226 April 1892Other names: Olden10093[7/3115]1531Details
Parkes 34832916 January 1890Other names: Dewar, J A10094[7/3122]0Details
Hill End 909233 November 1910Other names: Gibbs, J; Receipt issued to: Lessees10101[7/3204]0Details
Burrowa 1111598 May 1902Other names: Cohen, B K; Receipt issued to: Lessee10098[7/3157]0Details
Stuart Town 3456918 November 1909Other names: Dalley, John George; Receipt issued to: Lessees10101[7/3202]0Details

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The index records name of the lease holder, lease number, date of application, location, remarks, series number, reel/item number, and surveyor’s name.