Indigenous colonial court cases 1788-1838

NameOffenceDate of TrialPlace of TrialSentenceVerdictAgencySeriesItem NoPage NoRemarks
George BrownMurder of an Aboriginal child at Wellington Valley29/2/1828Supreme Court: Criminal JurisdictionInformations & other papers, 1824 - 1947[T28]See also Clerk of the Peace: Depositions [CP T137; 572]Details
Geoffrey ConnelMurder of Jacky Jacky and other black natives22/06/1827Supreme Court: Criminal JurisdictionMiscellaneous papers, 1827[T25]Details
William BrownMurder of Ikey, an Aboriginal person, at Gloucester7/8/1835Supreme Court: Criminal JurisdictionInformations & other papers, 1824 - 1947[T Papers 1835]Details
Thomas MillerShooting and wounding an Aboriginal man, Joey, at Bathurst01/01/1824Court of Criminal JurisdictionInformations, Depositions and related papers, 1796 - 1812, 1816-24[SZ803]59Details
Investigation of murder of woman and children by soldier of 73rd regiment11/06/1814Before bentColonial SecretaryCorrespondence[4/3493]187Details
Inquest re shooting of Aboriginal person while allegedly plundering grounds of Captain Scott on Garden Island2/04/1803Attended by provost Marshall and juryJustifiable homicideSydney Gazette 10 April 1803Details
Shingleman and McKievar (Aboriginal)1/11/1834Maitland Quarter sessionsClerk of the Peace: Quarter SessionsDepositions and other papers, Sydney and Country[4/8411]191Details
Declaration by Charles Cross re killing by natives. Hearsay evidence of Mr Alt who Cross travelled with who believed that a recent killing had been by natives he had met between Prospect and Parramatta12/01/1792Bench of Magistrates, SydneyCourts of Petty Sessions : Judge Advocates BenchProceedings, 19 February 1788-1821[SZ 765]367Details
Little Freeman11/02/1835Supreme CourtNot GuiltySupreme CourtInformations & other papers, 1824 - 1947[T41]See also Supreme Court, Miscellaneous Papers [5/1161; COD 294A, Bundle 49, p272-3]Details
Seth HawkerWilful murder of a female Aboriginal girl at Five Islands in the Illawara (justifiable homicide)1/06/1822Court of Criminal Jurisdiction, SydneyNot GuiltyCourt of Criminal JurisdictionInformations, Depositions and related papers, 1796 - 1812, 1816-24[SZ 797]299Adjourned to 18 June. Includes depositions against William Graham Snr for shooting a native called Murray (p299-300, 332-7). Plus Returns of prisoners tried [X725; Reel 2652]Details

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