Criminal depositions (Deposition Books) index

NameSurnameAliasAlleged OffenceCommitted for trial atPlace of CommittalDate of CommittalEntry NoSeriesItem NoPage NoReel No
CharlesELLESWORTHRed CharleyWounding with intentWellingtonWellington21 Jan 18613116NRS 84911232760Details
ThomasBLACKMANCattle stealingMudgeeMudgee15 Mar 18613114NRS 84911232760Details
JackeyHIPPEAssault with intent to rapeTamworthWee Waa5 Apr 18613141NRS 84911242760Details
JaneBOWNANRobberyBurrangong9 Mar 18613119NRS 84911232760Details
HenrySIMPSONUttering forged chequeMaitlandWingham8 Mar 18613121NRS 84911232760Details
JohnCONWAYLarcenyYassBurrangong16 Mar 18613120NRS 84911232760Details
JosephWILLIAMSFalse pretencesMaitlandMaitland11 Apr 18623515NRS 84911462760Details
MosesPARTRIDGEHorse stealingMaitlandMaitland23 Apr 18623517NRS 84911472760Details
Jackey (Aboriginal person)-ManslaughterMaitlandPatricks Plains21 Mar 18613133NRS 84911242760Details
DavidDAYLarcenyAlburyWentworth26 Mar 18613140NRS 84911242760Details

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Includes Quarter Session court lists for criminal cases that were not punishable by the death penalty. The Index records: registration number, name of defendant, place and date of committal, offence and where committed for trial. The index covers Country Quarter Sessions cases for the period 1849 to 1949, and Sydney Quarter Sessions cases for the period January 1839 to September 1921. Please note that not all case papers have survived.