Convict exiles index 1849-1850

NameSurnameShipYearPlace of DepartureDate of TrialPlace of TrialShire of TrialSentenceAgeChargeDistrictRemarks
JamesBUTTERFIELDBangalore30/04/1850Spithead (to Moreton Bay)28/06/1847OtleyYorkshire7 yrsMoreton Baysentence not listed in index, number of years missingDetails
PatrickBRYANHavering08/11/1849DublinTipperaryPort Macquarie-Details
WilliamANDERSONMt Stewart Elphinstone01/11/1849Cork (to Moreton Bay)04/01/1848AylesburyBuckinghamshire7 yrsMoreton Bay-Details
ThomasBECKINSELLRandolph20/08/1849London07/04/1843Upper Park Camp JamaicaCourt MartialLifeMudgee-Details
ThomasBROWNMt Stewart Elphinstone01/11/1849Cork (to Moreton Bay)05/01/1848Northamptonshire7 yrsMoreton BayEmp: Alfred PAUDMANDetails
LewinCLIFFORDThomas Arbuthnot02/04/1845Gloucester7 yrs25ForgeryExilesDetails
ThomasBOOTHMANEden15/02/1847Lancaster Assizes15 yrs22Burglary etc.Recommended for conditional pardonDetails
TitusADAMSJoseph Somes18/08/1845CCC7 yrs20Larceny by a servantExilesDetails
JamesBALLBangalore30/04/1850Spithead (to Moreton Bay)16/04/1847GlasgowScotland7 yrsMoreton Bay-Details
GeorgeCOOKAnna Maria29/06/1846Abingdon Sessions7 yrs25Stealing wearing apparel and prior convictionSee Smith, George also; Prisoner recommended for the Conditional Pardon ClassDetails

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Transportation to NSW effectively ceased in 1842 but between 1846-1850 exiles were transported. Exiles had served part of their sentence in a penitentiary in Britain and were granted a conditional pardon or ticket of leave on arrival in the Colony. This index covers the period 1849-50 only.