Convict assignments index 1821-1825

ThomasMORRISMalabarAssigned to William LeesSydneyGunsmith4 Mar 1822-4 Mar 1822Details
HughBURGESSAlmorah (2)Assigned to Martin BriantCooper, Elizabeth StreetCooper31 Dec 1821-31 Dec 1821Details
HansPEEBLESHadlow (1)Assigned to Samuel RowleyMarket Street-18 Jan 1822-18 Jan 1822Details
BenjaminHARMERGloryAssigned to John DunganSydneyShoemaker; Lumber Yard13 Apr 1822-13 Apr 1822Details
JohnSTOREYEarl of St Vincent (2)Assigned to Ann IrelandGeorge Street-29 Dec 1821-29 Dec 1821Details
JamesCROSSAtlas (4)Assigned to John Johnson--27 Dec 1821-27 Dec 1821Details
MichaelCONNORIsabellaAssigned to Alexander ThomseySydneyShoemaker; Lumber Yard28 Mar 1822-28 Mar 1822Details
JohnNEWBERRYTottenhamAssigned to George CribbCambridge Street-4 Jan 1822-4 Jan 1822Details
WilliamGATEY [sic]Baring (1)Assigned to Mrs KingParramattaBlacksmith; Lumber Yard11 Apr 1822-11 Apr 1822Details
John WPENNINGTONMary (2)Assigned to Charles PickeverPitt Street-28 Jan 1822-28 Jan 1822Details

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This index covers the period December 1821 to December 1825. It records the convict’s name, ship, date of assignment, to whom assigned, residence and remarks.