Dependent children registers 1883-1923

SurnameNameAliasDate of birthMotherFatherGuardian/Foster Parent
BANNISTERBertha----Guardian/FosterParent: S StonestreetDetails
GORDONBessie----Guardian/FosterParent: T Willson, James A Hough, Jonathan Dixon, Ada Lee, Charles Cole, Julia Betts, Douglas M Mullen, Joseph G Sherringham, H S C Macdonald, Marion JessopDetails
GLASSONMary A----Guardian/FosterParent: -Details
CALLENDERWinifred---Same as Gertrude CallenderGuardian/FosterParent: Florence James, E Hodge, Munoz, Thomas C McIntyreDetails
DUNNEthel---Same as Eliza DunnGuardian/FosterParent: M Stewart, Jane Stewart, William Edgar, Barker, A E Lane, Bishop, Alfred Bishop, Arthur Bishop, Thomas Hay, George W Prince, Sgt McHardyDetails
FLORENCEAlice---Same as Florence FlorenceGuardian/FosterParent: Mary Egan, Kate HarringtonDetails
ANDERSONAlice--DeceasedThomas AndersonGuardian/FosterParent: Mrs Chapman, B Rowe, Mrs Carey, MaloneyDetails
BLAIROlive A--Minnie BlairRileyGuardian/FosterParent: Mrs Harvey, Elizabeth Clarke, August C Geyer, Lucy Adderley, Miss Lucy Adderley, Charles Perry, Ernest P Horrie, Ernest PhorrieDetails
HINTONMartha---Same as Ellen HintonGuardian/FosterParent: Mr Lee, Edith E Hooke, Elizabeth Allen, J Cope, ThompsonDetails
HORNIBROOKAlice M-25/02/1883--Guardian/FosterParent: Mrs CaldwellDetails

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These records relate to children who were admitted to State care between 1883 and 1923. They record where the dependent children were placed (whether with foster parents or guardians). Some of the children were eventually adopted.