Dependent children registers 1883-1923

SurnameNameAliasDate of birthMotherFatherGuardian/Foster Parent
STREETERFannyFrances--DeceasedGuardian/FosterParent: Lindsey ThompsonDetails
STEELMary--Bridget SteelLouis SteelGuardian/FosterParent: Mrs DonnelanDetails
SMITHAnnie---Tobias Smith (Deceased)Guardian/FosterParent: Hallam, Wallace, Charles S McNeill, M Dawson, W G Fox, Henry Austin, Thomas Waring, Miss Katie ThompsonDetails
ANDERSONClyde--Cathcart McIvorAndersonGuardian/FosterParent: Margaret McLeod, H J Boswell, S Fenning, Alex Fleming, Thomas H Browne, Thomas WrightDetails
ROYALBessie---UnknownGuardian/FosterParent: -Details
OLIVERIsabellaOlliver--Same as Ellen OliverGuardian/FosterParent: Alex Sontar, Ethel Ferguson, Shem BartlettDetails
WILLIAMSEsther-10/11/1893Mary WilliamsThomas DavisGuardian/FosterParent: E Murray, Isabella McMullen, Mrs Goldstein, H Golledge, D Watkins, D D Noon, Joseph SansomDetails
WHEELERMary--DeceasedWilliam WheelerGuardian/FosterParent: K Lowden, London, William S Walker, R E Bennett, James Hollingsworth, W L CookDetails
WEBBEREvelyn---Same as Lucy WebberGuardian/FosterParent: Amos Turnbull, James R McDonald, John Hodson, Walter Armitage, Eliza JohnsonDetails
OSBORNEAnnie---Same as Elsie OsborneGuardian/FosterParent: Mrs NichollsDetails

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These records relate to children who were admitted to State care between 1883 and 1923. They record where the dependent children were placed (whether with foster parents or guardians). Some of the children were eventually adopted.