Census - 1841

Owners First NameOwners SurnameResidenceReturn NumberItem NoPage NoReel No
RichardBLACKWELLWoodburn, County Camden, District Picton13[X949]692222Details
-BARBERRegentville, Parish Mulgoa, County Cumberland, District Penrith67[X949]452222Details
JOSBORNE (Esquire)Wollongong, District Illawarra202[4/1243A]4032508Details
Michael OBRIENCounty Hunter, District Patrick's Plains13[X949]272222Details
ThomasBIRDCounty Durham, District Patrick's Plains48[X949]232222Details
WilliamBLANCHARDBaker St, Windsor, Parish St Matthew, County Cumberland, District Windsor24[X951]172223Details
JohnBILNEYCounty Northumberland, District Patrick's Plains26[X949]92222Details
W GAUSTRALIAParish Alexandria, County Cumberland, District Sydney454[X950]712223Details
ThomasBOURNECountry Durham, District Muswellbrook0[X947]992222Details
JamesBARBERTown Parramatta170[X948]192222Details

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This index covers all the surviving householders' returns and abstracts of returns. As the returns record only the name of the head of the household, the names of the other people resident in the household are not identified.