Register of access directions

This register lists access directions to State records under the State Records Act 1998

Content of the Register

The Register of Access Directions details the:

  • scope of the records covered by a direction
  • direction - closed or early access
  • duration of closed to public access directions
  • reasons given for a closed to public access direction
  • public office responsible for the direction
  • Principal Department for the public office


State records are open to public access after 20 years unless the record is subject to an early access authorisation or a closed to public access direction.

Early access authorisation: Public offices can make access directions to open some records before they are 20 years of age

Closed to public access direction (CPA): Public offices can also make access directions to close some records to public access for longer than 20 years to protect sensitive information. A CPA direction remains in force for 5 years - at which time it can be renewed or revoked by the agency

Records available as open access information or proactively released under the Government information (Public Access) Act 2009 should also be authorised for early access under the State Records Act 1998.

More information for public offices on the making of access directions and the public access provisions of the State Records Act can be found at Public access to records.

More information on an individual's rights of access can be found in Access to State records - your rights.

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Public access to records

Advice and procedures for access to state records and registering access directions

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Access to State archives - your rights

The State Records Act establishes a general entitlement to access to State records that are at least 20 years old