Dinghy and kayak registration at Vaucluse Bay

Museums of History NSW is responsible for the care, control and management of the historic 10-hectare Vaucluse House estate, including the beach paddock where dinghy racks and kayak spaces are located. We manage the registration of these areas through annual permits.

Only craft registered with MHNSW at Vaucluse House are permitted to be tethered to the dinghy racks or chained in the designated kayak area on the foreshore of Vaucluse Bay.

If you are an MHNSW member you will be entitled to a discounted registration rate, as outlined below. We encourage all our watercraft space permit holders to join MHNSW to take advantage of the discount available.

MHNSW membership for one adult and up to four children starts from $75. Find out more about membership benefits here.

Registration costs

MHNSW members:

  • $315 – from 1 July 2024 for the 2024–25 financial year.


  • $510 – from 1 July 2024 for the 2024–25 financial year.

Registration costs are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they are in line with local council rates for rack hire.

New customers

New customers wishing to register for a dinghy or kayak space are invited to join a waitlist.

Existing customers

If you have a query or comment about your current dinghy or kayak rack hire, please contact us using the form below.

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