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Conditional purchase records

Conditional purchase was a process of obtaining a Crown Grant of land in NSW before it was surveyed. Watch as we discuss how to navigate this tricky area of research

Finding certificate of land title numbers in the collection

Breaking into a chain of title may be easier than you think

How to read a parish map

How to make sense of all of the details on a parish map

Pre-1856 land tenure records

How to search for early land grants and records of the occupation of Crown land before 1856

Reading certificates of title – old system vs Torrens title

This webinar explains the differences between old system and Torrens title and how to read these documents

Surveyor General sketch books

Explore the beautiful and informative tracings and sketches made by surveyors working in the field

The Court of Claims

This webinar explores the records of this Court, how to find them and what they can tell you about NSW land ownership in the 19th Century

Valuation rolls

The Valuer General gradually took over responsibility for valuing land in NSW from 1919. This webinar looks at the valuation rolls created by this department and how they can be used for family and local history

Webinar: Crown Plans

An introduction to how to read and use Crown Plans, particularly for family and local history research