A Colonial Eye

About the program

Students investigate the role of artists during the early colonial period and consider how they contributed to the development of the colony. They look at a range of Australian artworks, from early depictions of a strange new land to later works by professional artists showing the progress of the expanding colony.

Students are also guided through two drawing activities focusing on the 19th-century summer house in the garden and a collection of natural history objects in the schoolhouse. They then settle on the hillside beside the house to learn about perspective and the effect that interpretation has on an artist’s work while making their own watercolour.

356 Annangrove Road, Rouse Hill NSW 2155

Rouse Hill Estate

356 Annangrove Road, Rouse Hill NSW 2155
  • Wheelchair accessible
Cost (GST free)
From $200 for up to 20 students

See page for cost scale details

90 minutes
Session offered
Monday to Friday
Maximum students
60 per session
Supervision ratios

The supervision ratio is 1:10 for primary groups and 1:15 for secondary groups. Teachers and parents attend free of charge at these ratios. One carer per student with special needs will be admitted free of charge

Additional visitor costs

Each additional visitor will be charged at the concession rate of $12

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During this program at Museum of Sydney, on the site of first Government House, students have a unique opportunity to explore links between Indigenous and European histories, cultures and perspectives in the expanding Sydney colony of the 1800

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