The art of blending tea with T Totaler

In colonial New South Wales, imported black and green teas from China were regularly enjoyed.

Tea was even allocated to convicts as part of their daily rations, demonstrating how ingrained tea-drinking was in all levels of society. Receipts from Elizabeth Farm record purchases of entire crates of different teas. Australia’s love of tea continues to the present day, influenced by waves of migration and other factors.

Today, the Parramatta area, where Elizabeth Farm is located, is home to large numbers of people from Indian and Chinese backgrounds, both countries with their own distinct tea-drinking cultures.

Join Museums of History NSW Curator Dr Scott Hill and tea experts Paul and Amber Sunderland from T Totaler for a tour of the property followed by a workshop in which participants will blend and taste tea. Learn about mindful tea drinking and the significance of the tea trade and tea ceremony in various cultures, and take home your own blended tea created in the workshop.

This event takes place in Elizabeth Farm’s 40th anniversary year as a museum.

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Elizabeth Farm

70 Alice Street, Rosehill NSW 2142
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