After Dark: Boycott

Join us for the 2023 edition of After Dark at the Justice & Police Museum. Guest speakers, artists, performers and filmmakers will delve into diverse subjects that shape our past, present and future.

This thought-provoking, adults-only experience will explore contemporary themes and bring to light historical cases, characters and issues. The program will feature talks, performances, interactive experiences, an onsite bar and after-hours access to the museum.

The recent phenomenon of cancel culture or call-out culture has risen to prominence with Gen Z. Cancel culture is a form of cultural boycotting and calling for accountability of persons, organisations or events where behaviour is deemed to have been offensive or to have created an imbalance of power.

In the Australian context, this was seen recently through the vandalism of statues of historical figures such as Captain James Cook, calling them out for the colonisation of Australia and for the lack of recognition of First Nations peoples.

Is cancel culture and subsequent social ostracisation a radical form of implementing social justice? Or a biased form of censorship in a capitalistic society? Our panel of experts will explore these questions and more as we delve into the concepts of cancel culture, censorship, freedom of expression and navigating history in a modern-day context.

After Dark is supported by Create NSW as part of Culture Up Late.

Corner Albert and Phillip streets, Sydney NSW 2000. Phone +61 2 9252 1144

Justice & Police Museum

Corner Albert and Phillip streets, Sydney NSW 2000. Phone +61 2 9252 1144
  • Wheelchair accessible
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  • Friday 11 August 5pm–9pm
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21 April, 5pm-9pm

After Dark: Blame

Watch the Logie Award–winning documentary Who Killed Dr Bogle and Mrs Chandler? on the 60th anniversary of the Bogle–Chandler case and listen to a Q&A with the film’s director

Holly Schulte, MHNSW curator, stands at the podium at the front of the Water Police Court, while she gives a talk titled 'Crime on Film'. A large crowd is seated in front of her and images from the Forensic Archive are projected on the screen behind her.
16 June, 5pm-9pm

After Dark: Belonging

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion and interactive performances as speakers and artists explore what it means to belong in a multicultural society such as Australia

Visitors look up, their faces illuminated by the light of the projected film. They are seated at round tables with candles and cocktails.
27 October, 5pm-9pm

After Dark: Dis(order)

Join us for this year’s final After Dark, an evening of live music, discussion and dis(order) as we delve into Sydney’s nightlife and cultural history