Forage to Feast with Diego Bonetto and Marnee Fox, edible weeds basket
19 March, 10am

Forage to feast at Vaucluse House

Join us for a seasonal, edible adventure with renowned forager and environmental educator Diego Bonetto and stylist and weed convert Marnee Fox

Vaucluse House cafe

Estate Vaucluse House (restaurant)

Enjoy your own garden party with drinks and canapés in the gorgeous gardens and grounds before making your way to Estate Vaucluse House to continue the celebrations into the evening.

Plant Your History

Sumptuous Cape Bulbs light up late summer gardens

Belladonna Lilies and Crinum Lilies are tough bulbs that never say die and can survive years of neglect

The Vaucluse House verandah

Southern Paddock & Sandstone Verandah

The Lone Pine Lawn is an idyllic setting for wedding ceremonies, cocktail parties and special events

Guests seated at the dining table at the Beerenberg Product Launch, Vaucluse House

Kitchen Courtyard

A bespoke daytime dining experience under the shade of a huge fig tree

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The Acanthus - An Apt Symbol for The Mint

Look at any classical building today, anywhere in the world and chances are you will find an acanthus leaf lurking somewhere

Arm extended with hand holding red spiky flower head.
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Queen of the Night

The Queen of the Night is an epiphytic spineless cactus that originates from the rainforests of Central America.

View of the garden at Elizabeth Farm

Gardens & Grounds

Surrounded by glorious gardens and grounds, this picturesque historic site provides a unique setting for wedding ceremonies, cocktail parties and lavish dinners

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In good hands

A week with the Gardens team shows historic garden conservation at its most hands-on