Sydney Opera House - the Red Book

This 1958 report (known also as the Red Book) was presented by Jørn Utzon to the Premier and the Sydney Opera House Committee in order to give

a project which realizes in practical form the vision of the competition.

The report comprises: plans, sections, elevations, photographs of models of the Opera House; reports by other consultants on acoustics (V.L. Jordan), mechanical services (J. Varming), electrical installations (M. Balslev) and theatre technique (S. Malmquist).

The physical format of the report is a large paper format with some glossy pages used for photographic images.

Plans and sketches


Sydney Opera House booklets

Yellow book, 1962

Sydney Opera House - the Yellow Book

This 1962 report (commonly known as the Yellow Book) comprises plans submitted by Jørn Utzon and consultants

Sydney Opera House - the Gold Book

The printed booklet, commonly known as the “Gold Book”, was issued to accompany the “Ceremony to Commemorate the Commencement of the Sydney Opera House” on 2 March 1959

Brown book, 1955

Sydney Opera House - the Brown Book

Conditions and Programme for an International Competition for a National Opera House at Bennelong Point, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney Opera House guide

A brief history of the Sydney Opera House plus a select list of records relating to the design, construction and official opening

10 Jan 1958 - first Sydney Opera House Lottery

On this da 10 January 1958 the first Opera House Lottery was drawn