Captured: Portraits of Crime 1870-1930, Willie and Jacky

Willie Kenambury, a 24 year old tracker, was photographed at Albury Gaol on 10 January 1894 while on remand for murder. His co-accused, Jacky Bullyell, 25 years old, was also a tracker. Both men were from Fraser Island, Queensland.

Willie and Jacky had been extradited to Albury from Queensland following a lengthy man-hunt by Victorian, NSW and Queensland police. They were accused of having speared and robbed Polish man Severyn Mursckewicz on his property at Dora Dora, near Albury, on 2 May 1891. Prior to then, they had been working as trackers for the Victorian Police at Benalla, having been brought there from Brisbane in 1890...Over the next two and a half years, Willie and Jacky evaded police capture using their highly tuned bush survival skills as they travelled throughout NSW and Queensland.

Archives behind the scenes - gaol photos

In this episode we show you the very popular Gaol Photo Description Books. The photos (or mugshots) of prisoners are from gaols right across NSW and date from 1870-1930

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