Past winners of the Meroogal Women’s Art Prize

Now in its 20th year, we look back at the past winners of the Meroogal Women’s Art Prize – a regional, non-acquisitive competition and exhibition.

Selection of images from past prizes

1st prize – Ebony Russell, ‘Our manifold nature: loutrophoros for the new woman’, 2022
Highly Commended – Judy Panucci, ‘Making do – moth and panel for Elgin’, 2022
People’s Choice – Sepideh Farzam, ‘Meroogal at night’, 2022
1st prize – Tamara Dean, ‘Transience’, 2018
People's Choice - Anna Lochtenberg Williams 'Shadows of the Day', 2020
Highly Commended & joint People’s Choice – Beth Norling, ‘Not all things are washed away’, 2018
1st prize – Sharnie Shield, ‘Collars in the morning’, 2014
2nd prize – Vita Cochran, ‘Meroogal sampler’, 2016
1st prize – Alexandra Cody, ‘Peregrination’, 2008
Highly Commended – Lisa Johnson, ‘The road well travelled’, 2007
1st prize – Elspeth McCombe, ‘Entry’, 2001
1st prize – Jan Latta, ‘Twilight memories, Meroogal’, 1998
2nd prize – Saskia Everingham, ‘Essentials’, 2022
1st prize – Sarah Goffman, ‘Blue willow’, 2020
2nd prize – Sassy Park, ‘Garden play set’, 2020
Highly Commended – Julie Paterson, ‘A dozen modest fancies’, 2020
2nd prize – Kim Davies, ‘Carpet moth’, 2018
Joint People’s Choice – Kylie Douglass, ‘Womandala’, 2018
1st prize – Linda Dening, ‘Hairbrush’, 2016
1st prize – Tania Maria Mastroianni, ‘Ode to Gradisca’, 2011
2nd prize – Johanna Weiss, ‘Teapot dreaming’, 2008
1st prize – Virginia Kaiser, ‘One of the garden’s secrets’, 1999
1st prize – Anna Griffiths, ‘Garden coat’, 2003
Highly Commended – Leigh Hooker, ‘Matriarch’, 2000


1st prize – Ebony Russell Our manifold nature: loutrophoros for the new woman

2nd prize – Saskia Everingham Essentials

Highly Commended – Judy Panucci Making do – moth and panel for Elgin

Peoples Choice – Sepideh Farzam Meroogal at night


1st prize – Sarah Goffman Blue willow

2nd prize – Sassy Park Garden play set

Highly Commended – Julie Paterson A dozen modest fancies

People's Choice - Anna Lochtenberg Williams Shadows of the Day


1st prize – Tamara Dean Transience, photograph

2nd prize – Kim Davies Carpet moth

Highly Commended and joint Peoples Choice – Beth Norling Not all things are washed away, soap, ink

Joint Peoples Choice – Kylie Douglass Womandala, cuttlefish bone


1st prize – Linda Dening Hairbrush, cedar, horsehair

2nd prize – Vita Cochran Meroogal sampler, embroidered works

Highly Commended – Lisa Maris McDonell Women’s work, film


1st prize – Sharnie Shield Collars in the morning

2nd prize – Linda Dening Let your hair down

Highly Commended – Nicolette Eisdell The drawing room of Meroogal


1st prize – Tania Maria Mastroianni Ode to Gradisca

2nd prize – Arja Välimäki Hand made man made

Highly Commended – Tracey Mitchell Konteyner

Bundanon scholarship – Julie Pryor Yvonne

Peoples Choice – Margot Curtis Handmaiden

Packers Prize – Brodie McAulay Stitching


1st prize – Anna Glynn Verse Versus, AV

2nd prize – Arja Välimäki Shining in the shadow, weaving

Highly Commended – Caroline Sullivan Identification

Bundanon scholarship – Glenese Keavney A lamp for the library

Packers Prize – Rhonda Aliffe Farenheit 451


1st prize – Alexandra Cody Peregrination

2nd prize – Johanna Weiss Teapot dreaming


1st prize – Reiko Hashimoto Australian

2nd prize – Rhonda Aliffe Nexus

Highly Commended – Lisa Johnson The road well travelled


1st prize – Sally Simpson Watering can, chicken, cow and sheep bones, twine, iron

Highly Commended and Peoples Choice – Lisa Johnson Red blankets are warmer, wool blankets, beads, buttons, sequins wallhanging

Packers Prize – Janine Hilder Taking flight, mixed media


1st prize – Jade Pegler Around the double bend, mixed media

2nd prize – Virginia Watson Put the kettle on, mixed media

Highly Commended – Cheryl Scowen Cradle

Peoples Choice – Lisa Johnson Patterns of life – a piano runner for Meroogal, embroidered linen, buttons


1st prize – Megan Sproats Tenants’ window, mixed media installation

2nd prize – Lynda Draper Untitled, acrylic on canvas

Highly Commended – Kim Williams Family tree of recipes – Bundanon Trust prize

Peoples Choice – Lesley Prosser A moment shared, mixed textiles

Packers Prize – Doreen Shaw In the kitchen, Meroogal, gouache on paper


1st prize – Anna Griffiths Garden coat, palm bark, hydrangea petals, wood

2nd prize – Regina Brewster Nature at Meroogal, graphite on paper

Peoples Choice – Lisa Johnson Miss Kate’s garden apron, embroidered linen


1st prize – Wendy O’Malley Work objects for [p]leisure, mixed media installation

2nd prize – Kaye Johnston Flying Meroogals, lino cut on paper

Peoples Choice – Leanne Cassidy The fruits of leisure, oil on canvas


1st prize – Elspeth McCombe Entry, gouache on paper

2nd prize – Linda Dening It’s about time, mixed media

Peoples Choice – Edith Draper Forever there, watercolour on paper


1st prize – Sue Westaway Morning story, silver gelatin photograph

Highly Commended – Leigh Hooker Matriarch

Peoples Choice – Cheryl Scowen Memory pillows, calico, lavender, native grass, thread


1st prize – Virginia Kaiser One of the garden’s secrets, jacaranda leaf stalks, palm fruit, date stalks and kiwi vine

Peoples Choice – Kaye Johnston Flower dusting, gouache and pastel on paper


1st prize – Jan Latta Twilight memories, Meroogal, oil on canvas

Peoples Choice – Suzi Krawczyk Little things, photo collage

Bedroom, Meroogal

Meroogal Women’s Art Prize

Museums of History NSW is excited to announce that entries are now open for the 2024 Meroogal Women’s Art Prize, with a prize pool of over $10,000

Verandah at Meroogal, facing Worrigee Street
Opens 9 November

Meroogal Women’s Art Prize 2024

The biennial Meroogal Women’s Art Prize is now in its 20th year

Saturday 9 November