State Archives Collection: Customer satisfaction survey 2023

Published on Monday 8th of May 2023

Every year we undertake a survey to gauge customer responses to the State Archives Collection services in the reading room, on the website, and through our enquiry and copying services.

One of the key results from the 2022 survey was the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the digitisation of records. Many people also reported that they were keen to see more digitisation of records in the future and easier ways to locate them.

We are continuing to digitise records and upload these to the State Archives Collection catalogue. One of the largest additions to the catalogue in the past year is the collection of Colonial Secretary Papers, 1788-1825 – you can search for and download over 144,000 digital images. We have also recently indexed and digitised the Dependent Childrens Registers – over 28,000 indexed images are available in the catalogue.

Another significant recent addition are the 548,000 acetate negatives and 20,000 glass negatives digitised and added to the catalogue. We have now digitised over half of the State Archives Collection photographic holdings and completed the digitisation of acetate films and Australian-created videos and cassettes.

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We welcome your input for this year’s survey to help evaluate our State Archives Collection services. It should only take about 3 minutes. Your opinion is important and we appreciate your time.