Conservation in action: Meroogal exterior painting

Published on Thursday 18th of May 2023

Taking care of Meroogal requires continuing care and sensitivity. The beautiful timber detailing of the Juliette balconies, the bargeboards and fascia boards of the gables, and the weatherboards and masonry chimneys require specialist knowledge and expertise to ensure the work is completed with patience and care.

We're currently undertaking painting works of the west and north facades of the house. Specialist painters will remove any damaged putty, and lightly sand timber surfaces to prepare them for coats of oil paint that will seal the timber, and brick, protecting them from decay.

The paint will be applied with brushes, as it was originally done, covering every nook and cranny to prevent water seeping into the interior spaces, which hold significant collection items and finishes. The project has also seen the installation of two new finials (based on the originals) on the north and east facades, expertly crafted by a traditional joiner.

Caring for the collection

While work progresses to the exterior of the building, the collection has been carefully protected inside the house. Furniture and other items in rooms where windows are being painted have been covered or stored away to limit the chance of dust falling on them or damage from inclement weather. The collection care team undertook this work in collaboration with representatives from visitor services to ensure as much of the collection is available to visitors whilst protecting it from damage. This collaborative approach is key to ensuring the collection is cared for and maintained and visitors enjoy the property with minimal impact to their visit.

Work is expected to be completed by the end of June 2023.

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Exterior of Meroogal with Jacaranda trees in bloom


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