Archives on tour: Lord Carrington is coming to town!

Published on Thursday 23rd of February 2023

One of the jewels of the State Archives Collection, a selection of volumes of the exquisitely handcrafted Carrington Albums, is making its way around regional NSW - offering visitors a chance to step back in time to an era full of pomp and ceremony.

Dated from1885, The Carrington Albums are a series of 14 leather bound volumes of illuminated addresses, each one gifted to Lord and Lady Carrington from the regional communities they visited throughout their 5 year term as Vice Regals.

A sign of affection from the people and a memento of the Governor’s visit, the addresses are beautiful artworks, with finely detailed illuminated borders, hand painted illustrations, greetings and well-wishes.

The addresses, representing hundreds of residents, towns and associations, were later bound together into the Carrington Albums and presented to Lord Carrington at the end of his term in 1890. He took the Albums back to the England where they remained with the Carrington family for many years.

Given the significance of the albums to the state of NSW, the volumes were repatriated to the NSW Government in 2014 to be cared for in the State Archives Collection.

The NSW State Archives Collection documents the daily work of the NSW Government and its agencies from 1788 to today. This vast collection records history as it happens, providing valuable and at times, life-changing evidence of events and decisions that have shaped and continue to shape our history, communities, and lives.

Don’t miss Archives on tour – you can marvel at the rare snapshot of a bygone era and learn about the history of the Albums as they travelled around the world.

Archives on tour

Carrington manuscript
6 March-4 April

Lord Carrington is coming to town

Discover one of the jewels of the State Archives Collection, as the Carrington Albums embark on a regional tour, hosted by Museums of History NSW